What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a safe, gentle system of medicine that treats everyone as an individual, balancing emotional and physical health.  It has been used successfully worldwide for over 200 years and works on the basis that given the right stimulus the body can overcome virtually any disease.  The stimulus is provided in the form of a diluted and potentised remedy, which is made from a variety of plants and minerals that energise and stimulate your body's own defence and healing systems.  Homoeopathy can be used by anyone of any age and for most physical and emotional conditions.

Why I became a homoeopath

Homoeopathy became part of my life fifteen years ago when my six year old son was diagnosed with asthma.  I didn't want him to become reliant on inhalers, so looking for an alternative took him to see a homoeopath.  Not long after his treatment his asthma attacks stopped, which lead me to find out more about homoeopathy.  I then realised that becoming a homoeopath was what I wanted to do, so studied for four years and qualified in London in 2006.  Since then I have been treating children and adults with a wide variety of acute and chronic complaints.

What is treatment like?

When you come for a consultation I will spend some time getting to know you, and to find the right remedy will ask you questions about your lifestyle and your illness.  After carefully considering your case, the remedy that matches your symptoms will be prescribed and given in the form of small white pills, which are easy to take and have a pleasant taste.


Charlotte Catlett
M.L.C. Hom